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It is the original version of the patented variant of the stabilized, bioavailable silicic acid for plants. This product has been imitated often because of its efficacy, but no one has quite achieved the exact efficient formula that Power Si has to offer.

Unlike other silica products being sold in the market, Power Si Silicic Acid formulates the best silicic acid matrix to ensure superior absorption for plant health. It contains both micro and macronutrients needed by the plants to grow and achieve optimal crop yield and produce.

The formula guarantees fast effects, which are visible to the eyes. You can see thicker stems and stalks, as well as healthier plants. Power Si Silicic Acid also increases lateral branching and transports slow-moving elements within the plants’ system. It also helps the plant by boosting resistance from abiotic and biotic stress, which in turn leads to higher quality yields.

It also further reduces the loss of moisture from the leaves. Scientifically, the formula has been proven to advance the germination process and strengthens root foundation despite stressful conditions.

What makes this silica product a good choice for your plant needs is the fact that it is safe to use for all types of crops. It is compatible with any crops and it does not affect the water pH either. It also works well with other fertilizers and boosters you may be using.

The key components of Power Si Original 5 Liter that are essential for plant health are the following:
● Mono-Silicic Acid – aids in abiotic and biotic stress relief as it improves nutrient absorption within the plant’s production system.
● Boron – supports plant fiber development and stimulates cell division. With the help of boron, there is an evident increase in dry weight as well as an increase in overall plant strength. This nutrient is also essential for sugar transportation that allows efficient distribution of carbohydrates produced during photosynthesis all throughout the plant’s system. The excreted product from the roots also becomes the food of the micro life found in the growing medium.
● Molybdenum - it augments the movement of nitrogen from the lower to the upper leaves.

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